"Sometimes it's not about having new ideas, but to let someone take them for you"


If you are an entrepreneur,
looking for a profitable business
or just want a living...


You hit the bullseye

Munaky is a franchise designed for enterprising people, creating their own employment by investing little capital and little time, adding to that which is his own boss.

  • Several modes franchise
  • Versatility implementation
  • Telematic Control Business
  • Easy learning
  • Ongoing technical support and service, the franchisee

Welcome to Munaky

Munaky is a brand that sells the company Events and Leisure S.L., which has created an exclusively national product in collaboration with the School of Engineering of Seville.

There is a children's entertainment where parents and children to enjoy together.

  • Robot -like giant fluffy teddy
  • Capacity and support for children and adults
  • Verbal interaction with the user
  • Harmless components for children and adults
  • Design and manufacture 100% national

The business


"It's never too late to be who you might have been"

George Eliot


Business tested little investment and insured benefit serving only a few guidelines


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"Success is a decision. Decide what you will do with your life!, or someone else will do for you"

John Atkinson

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