The business



The Munaky

The basis of this business is a robot of the same name brand , Munaky, with a weight of 38kg, is formed inside a metal structure that supports weight 120kg , so the child can ride accompanied by a adult. Its exterior appearance is that of a giant cuddly teddy wearing made ​​with anti-stain fabric clothing , enabling cleaning with a simple damp cloth and any neutral detergent. They are electric, fully autonomous and low consumption ( 12V battery with autonomy of seven hours ).

Each Munaky is part of a fleet ( parent, child or infant) , which communicate wirelessly with a central place from which the operation is managed and performance is monitored using a 5-inch tablet . In turn, the central station is connected electronically via the Web with the company that manages the activity.

The Munaky verbally interacts with the user , during his tour making it even more attractive ride him.

Designed and manufactured in Spain and recorded image, thus making the robot and all its parts are 100 % domestic.

Its versatility makes this business can be implanted in amusement parks , recreation areas , open spaces ( thematic spaces , pedestrian streets , boardwalks provided the soil is not too rough , etc ) and central corridors of shopping centers . Another possibility for business development is to go to private parties of children as birthdays, or any other celebration.


The franchise includes maintenance. The robot is designed in the form of machine for easy assembly so that each part can be replaced easily and comfortably with just loosening and tightening screws.

The franchisee will only have to pay the shipping and receiving of the part to replace and we will send it free.

Similarly if the franchisee is preferred that the robot repaired you should send it to us and we will repair it free of charge for labor.

The outside of the Munaky (textiles ) will be maintained by the franchisee itself.